Heterogeneous Oxidation Catalysis in the Liquid Phase

The Integrated Research Training Group "Understanding Oxidation Catalysis (UnOCat)"
The Integrated Research Training Group "Understanding Oxidation Catalysis (UnOCat)" will support the PhD students working in and associated to the CRC/TRR 247 and provide a framework for their scientific training and education as well as key qualification skills.
The major goal of UnOCat is the training and education of excellent next generation natural scientists and engineers for a later career in universities, research institutes, and industry. The training and education is, besides the scientific results, a major goal of the coordinated activities.
All PhD students of the CRC/TRR 247 should become UnOCat members independent of their financial support. PhD students from the participating research groups of the participating PIs with thematically fitting research projects may benefit from the activities of the UnOCat as associate members (retreat, summer school, courses) with no restrictions in the financial support as compared to CRC/TRR-funded students.
In addition, potential graduate students can be endowed with a stipend (Short Term Fellowships) for transitional periods up to one year.