Heterogeneous Oxidation Catalysis in the Liquid Phase

Research Area B: Analysis

In the first funding period, Area B contributed Mössbauer spectrometry and magnetometry, PL spectroscopy, DFT calculations, Raman and X-ray spectroscopy, (HR-)TEM and (NAP-)XPS, and new wavefunction methods for solids with unpaired electrons. The successful application of this variety of methods to the CRC’s materials basis is a prerequisite for the comprehensive characterization needed for the establishment of structure, composition and reactivity and enabled targeting the goals of the first funding period. Further important achievements of Area B, e.g., in the field of in situ and operando experimentation and modeling set the stage for the second funding period, which is summarized in the single project descriptions of Area B.

Coordinator Research Area B
Prof. Dr. Serena DeBeer

MPI for Chemical Energy Conversion
Tel.: +49 (0)208 306-3656

Projects of Research Area B

Project B02 | Prof. Dr. Heiko Wende

Element-Specific Electronic, Magnetic and Local Geometric Structure Effects in Mixed Oxide Catalysts


Project B03 | Prof. Dr. Gerd Bacher Prof. Dr. R. Kramer Campen

Linking Charge Carrier Dynamics and Liquid Phase Oxidation Catalysis in Spinel and Perovskite Oxides


Project B04 | Prof. Dr. Rossitza Pentcheva

Theoretical Understanding and Trends in Reactivity of Transition Metal Oxides: Role of Structural Patterns and Control of Electronic State


Project B06 | Prof. Dr. Serena DeBeer Dr. Thomas Lunkenbein

Correlative and Multi-Modal Quasi In Situ and Operando Spectroscopy and Microscopy


Project B08 | Prof. Dr. Frank Neese 

Multiscale Methods for Theoretical Spectroscopy of Oxide Surfaces under Catalytic Oxidation Conditions


Project B09 | Prof. Dr. Tong Li Prof. Dr. Kristina Tschulik

Exploring the Role of Defects on the Active Site Evolution in Co-Based Spinels and Hydrous Oxides under OER Conditions by Correlative Microscopy


Project B10 | Prof. Dr. Olaf Magnussen

Probing the Oxide Interface Structure under Reaction Conditions by Operando Surface X-Ray Diffraction